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Founded in 2017 in Windsor, Ontario, EM Media Studios (EMMS) has emerged as a dynamic force in the realm of music production and record label services. Situated in close proximity to the vibrant music hub of Detroit, EMMS has harnessed its strategic location to become a nexus of artistic innovation and sonic excellence. With a dedicated commitment to delivering top-tier quality, EMMS offers a comprehensive suite of services that encompass recording, mixing, mastering, and production. Drawing inspiration from the rich and diverse music scene of both Windsor and Detroit, EMMS has established itself as a catalyst for fostering emerging talent while elevating established artists to new heights. With a keen ear for musical authenticity and an unwavering dedication to their craft, EM Media Studios stands at the forefront of shaping the contemporary musical landscape.

Our Business in Numbers

In our short time of being an active business we have already grown our portfolio substantially. We are continuously honing our skills in recording services and are constantly refining our workflow and skills. Here are some of our latest numbers:

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Over 170 artists have used some form of our studio services since our inception. From beginners to pros and all around the globe.

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Over 15 employees both full and part-time. From recording engineers to studio musicians, we have every skill you'll need available at our fingertips.

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Over 1,000 pieces of music that are publicly available now have been either produced, recorded, mixed or master at EM Media Studios.

Satisfaction Rate​
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We are very proud to boast 97% customer satisfaction. We work hard to make our customers happy. The majority of our clients come back.