Producing, Recording, Scoring, Mixing, Mastering.
We do it all.

Music Services

EM Media Studios has quickly become a beacon of creative collaboration for artists. With an unwavering commitment to elevating musicians, EMMS provides a diverse range of top-tier music services. From recording and mixing to mastering, scoring and sound design, EM Media Studios has been a trusted partner in transforming artistic visions into sonic realities. Our team of engineers and producers combine technical prowess with an innate understanding of artistic expression. EM Media Studios continues to empower artists, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

Mixing Studio

Here's What We Do...


Our producers oversee the entire creation of a song, from concept to completion. We strive to make creative decisions, collaborate with musicians and engineers, shape the sound, and manage technical aspects like recording and mixing. 

Recording Studio


Take advantage of our specialized audio equipment to capture your music and preserve them in our digital or analog formats. Our skilled technicians and producers collaborate with you to capture the best possible sound quality. 

Mixing Music


We carefully combine individual tracks into a balanced and immersive final sound. Meticulously adjusting volumes, panning, and effects to create a cohesive and vibrant musical blend and that suites the overall final composition.

Mastering Music


Mastering is the last stage of production. We refine and enhance the sound quality by adjusting levels, tonal balance, and adding finishing touches for a polished and consistent final version, suitable for various playback platforms.

Scoring Music


Composing music that enhances the emotion and narrative of a movie. We focus on creating music that fits the scenes, characters, and mood, collaborating closely with filmmakers to amplify the cinematic impact and evoke specific feelings.

Sound Design

Sound Design

Enhance your storytelling and immersion in media, films and games. We create realistic and imaginative sounds that amplify the impact of visuals and engage audiences, using a blend of recorded and synthesized elements.

Recent Work...